Gesichts- und Augenserum mit 55 % Eselsmilch

Cleopatra already knew the excellent properties of donkey milk and bathed in it every day. This new serum moisturizes, firms the skin and gives it a radiant and youthful appearance. It fills wrinkles and helps counteract dark circles. The effect is visible from the first days of use.

We combined cannabis oil with donkey milk and created this great serum for great results!


Face and eye serum with 55% donkey milk

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10 Milliliters
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  • Cannabis oil is rich in phytonutrients, has the ideal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for optimal skin health as they also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in antioxidants, CBD (cannavidiol), vitamin E and vitamin A and promotes skin regeneration. In addition, it contains certain minerals that are very important for the maintenance of youthful skin, such as magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium. It is quickly absorbed without clogging the pores, while balancing the sebum production. It is often viewed as the ideal moisturizer for mixed hat skin. It is very "gentle" on sensitive skin. A natural moisturizer that smoothes your skin while also acting as a protective shield against moisture loss. It prevents the skin from drying out. When combined with donkey milk, it rejuvenates, tightens, provides a powerful antioxidant and promotes skin beauty and health.

    Composition: donkey milk, hyaluronic acid and cannabis oil

  • 55% donkey milk, vegetable hyaluronic acid, elastin, vegetable collagen, argan oil, cannabis oil, essential geranium oil.