Our massage soaps not only nourish your skin with active ingredients but also massage it at the same time. They have healing properties and also make the skin feel relaxed, refreshed and soft.

Massage soaps

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110 Grams
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  • Contributes significantly to maintaining radiant skin and delaying skin aging. The oil from the seeds of the prickly pear contains vitamin K, which gives your skin the elasticity and moisture it needs. This soap is rich in amino acids that stimulate your skin's collagen production. Ideal for all skin types. Massage and nourish your skin beautifully.

  • Olive oil soap with lava

    Therapeutic properties of volcanic lava:

    It can increase blood and lymph flow, and it stimulates muscles and tissues. Combats stiffness, ankylosis, arthritis and tight muscles. Ideal for acne-prone skin and for treating psoriasis, eczema and dry skin.