"Superhero" Salbe gegen Muskelschmerzen

Cooling ointment for colds and muscle pains, 100% pure ingredients

Cooling & Muscle Pain beeswax ointment provides instant relief from muscle pain. Frequent rubbing with the therapeutic ointment "Superhero" calms the affected area (neck, knees, back, etc.) and stimulates blood circulation.

Pain due to muscle aches and pains, usually caused by stress, poor posture, cold or minor injuries, can be effectively treated with this therapeutic ointment.

Its specially targeted ingredients have a positive effect on joint pain due to arthritis or dislocations. They also act as tonic for exhaustion and emotional tension. Suitable for children from 3 years.




"Superhero" ointment for muscle pain

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30 Milliliters
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  • Pure beeswax, almond oil, arnica oil, rosemary essential oil, pine essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, black pepper essential oil, ginger essential oil, butter.